Start a Project

How to get started on a project:

  1. Give us 3 pieces of information: Quantity. Budget. In-hands date.
  2. Tell us what you like (and don't like) to help narrow it down.
  3. Send the logo/graphics/color preferences (if you don't have artwork yet we can get it later). 
  4. Next we will put together an interactive presentation specifically designed for you.


Important tip for new customers:

It really helps to chat on the phone the first time we work together. We can quickly learn about your project and share stories about the work we've done for similar companies.

Call Pauline Morton directly at 415-401-6730. 


In person appointment

There is nothing like having a face-to-face meeting especially if you have an extensive or customized project. Pauline has a closet full of samples from jobs we've done and vast experience to share.

Pauline is in New York a few times a year and sees people in the Bay Area year round. 

email to schedule an appointment.


Looking forward to starting your project!